ana kompara

The year 2016 has been kind of a breakthrough for me since I have managed to win the 1st prize at four different public anonymous creative competitions. I can still hardly believe it myself.

Since I was a child, I have found pleasure in discovering beauty and perfection in every aspect of my life – in arranging a flower bouquet or making a hand-drawn school presentation poster. I have soon discovered that it is via creativity that I can truly express myself. Since then, my pursuit of beauty has evolved in different fields: from arts, creative writing, music, to my studies at the Faculty of Architecture where it finally developed into a great passion for graphic design which is now my everyday need and joy.

Even though I am only at the beginning of my career, I have successfully cooperated on several projects with various companies and clients. I have worked on projects of a large scale (e.g. a long-term rebranding plan of an interior design international web store) as well as some small projects such as designing an unconventional personal portfolio.

Since I am not afraid of challenges, I face them with a lot of energy and enthusiasm combined with a strong hands-on mentality and attention to detail. I am specialized in branding, graphic design (web and print), visual communication design, and visual corporate identity.

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