1977 portfolio

5. 2016
Designing a personal portfolio of an architect

The client wanted to present his architectural work over the past fifteen years in a short publication. The aim was to do things out of the box, not in line with usual guidelines and “fashion” of architectural profession. Since architecture is both a technical and artistic discipline, it depends not only on the artist, the architect himself, but even more on the spatiotemporal context of an individual architectural work. The context can be defined as a complex mixture of various factors such as social, political, cultural, historical, and economic background.

The publication 1977 (client’s year of birth) is not only a display of some of the accomplished architectural projects and suggested conceptual designs. It is a story of the basic connection between architecture and the era in which an individual work was designed. Over the past fifteen years, we have witnessed various social and economic phenomena: the years of economic blooming, the start of the universal terroristic threat in the early 2000s, the financial crisis of 2008, and the European migrant crisis in 2015. Unfortunately, a common thread of the past 15 years has been an increasing number of environmental disasters caused by human careless exploitation of our planet.