mladi upi

4. 2016
1st prize at the Mladi upi competition for young creatives by Hofer

Graphic designer: Ana Kompara
Copywriter: Ana Kompara

To highlight widespread social challenges, the Hofer company has launched the initiative Today for Tomorrow uniting all of their socially responsible activities from the past year. To raise awareness among young generations, the company organised a competition for young creatives under the age of 28. Creatives were invited to participate with a creative ad (A3 format) which should encourage its viewers to reflect on issues such as environmental and social responsibility, economical energy use, and healthy life style. The ad aimed to emphasise the fact that the consequences of environmental and social negligence and carelessness can be fatal.

Two poster ads, The Fish and The Tree, were awarded the first prize as a series and one of them was later published in the Marketing Magazine, the leading Slovenian magazine in the field of marketing.