3. 2016
1st prize at the 6th Plaktivat competition

Graphic designer: Ana Kompara
Copywriter: Ana Kompara

“Focusing on the problem of hate speech, the sixth competition of the Slovenian social responsibility project Plaktivat received a record number of applied works (111). As the winner, the expert jury chose the poster of Ana Kompara, a graduate of an architecture master’s program, whose creativity perfectly captured the essence of the competition.” url

I was led by the principle of simple and clean design. The aim of my poster is not to condemn or moralise but to encourage every passer-by to reflect on the message. Rather than being just a passive observer of a direct message, a person who sees the poster spontaneously co-creates its content – in Slovenian, “pra*ica” is a word-game that corresponds with two different words: the word “pravica” meaning “right”, as the right of free speech, and a Slovenian swear word “prasica” meaning “bitch”. In that way, the poster conveys an important message that hate speech begins and ends with each individual in the society.